Treatment of varicose veins / Closure FAST

Dermatologikum Hamburg

The Vascular Surgery Department at DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG is a centre for endovascular vein surgery (treatment of the veins from within). At present, we perform more Closure-FAST™ catheter operations than anywhere else in the whole of Europe.

Vascular surgeon Dr. med. Alm is trained in the application of catheter techniques and has years of experience in treating arterial disorders with catheters.

The Vascular Surgery Department at Dermatologikum is a European training centre for practitioners of the Closure-FAST™ catheter.

Dermatologikum was the joint first place in the world to carry out Closure-FAST™ catheter – a tried-and-tested, gentle treatment for varicose veins.

Closure-FAST is a radiofrequency therapy that treats the veins from within using high frequency energy. The resulting heat causes the vein to be closed immediately. Incisions are not necessary, and hence no scarring occurs. Because no blood vessels are damaged, no bleeding occurs. In most cases, there is no need to wear compression stockings. Patients can resume normal everyday activities on the same day as the operation, or on the following day at the latest. Patients do not normally need to take time off work. This operation can be carried under local or general anaesthetic, and as an in- or out-patient.

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