The Vena Seal Closure System (vein glue) comprises the latest method in the gentle treatment of varicose veins. The glue is inserted into the defective vein by a catheter, immediately closing the vein.

The vein remains in the leg until it is broken down by the body, similarly to the process occurring with thermal procedures, such as the Venous Closure Fast method or the ElvEs Radial Laser. Bruising, a likely collateral effect of stripping methods, does not occur. The Vena Seal Closure System also offers major advantages compared to other treatment methods: There is no need for a general or local anesthesia along the course of the vein. Only a small local anesthesia will be set around the access point into the vein. Immediately after the treatment, patients will be able to take up any regular activities, including exercise and going to work. No compression bandages or stockings are needed afterwards. All in all, the Vena Seal Closure System significantly improves the quality of life over other treatment options. The vein department at the Dermatoligikum Hamburg is one of the very few certified vein centers for this method in Germany and also a learning facility for this procedure. The Vena Seal Closure method has been employed for 1,5 years. Post- surgical closure rates consist of 98% after one year. We are happy when the patient is happy, both of which the Vena Seal Closure System does not fail to deliver.

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