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Gesetzliche Kassen übernehmen die Katheterbehandlungen

Auch für gesetzlich Versicherte besteht die Möglichkeit sich einer Therapie der Krampfadererkrankung mit dem Radiofrequenzkatheter Closure-FAST™ oder dem ELVeS Radiallaser™ ohne finanzielle Selbstbeteiligung zu unterziehen. Eine Kostenübernahme besteht bei der Techniker Krankenkasse, HEK und den meisten BKK´s.… weiterlesen →

Fighting Varicose Veins with Vein Glue

An innovative procedure, the so-called VenaSeal Sapheon Closure System, stands for an umprecedently gentle method in the treatment of varicose veins. In contrast to other methods, no general or local anesthesia is necessary. It is a small ambulant procedure, after which the patient will be immediately able to take up his or her regular activities. Also, the patient will not have to wear compression bandages or stockings. What makes this method unique is the implementation of a special type of… weiterlesen →

Vascular Operations in the USA

In the United States, 85% of vascular operations are currently performed using a catheter system. In Germany, the figure is between just 5 and 10%… weiterlesen →

French Health Insurers pay treatment costs

With immediate effect, state health insurers in France will pay for treatment of varicose veins with radio-frequency catheter VNUS Closure-FAST, albeit only where such operations are carried out by vascular surgeons who are trained in applying catheter techniques. Dermatologists (skin doctors) and Phlebologists (blood vessel doctors) are not allowed to perform this therapy in France.… weiterlesen →

The First International VNUS-Closure Practitioners’ Meeting

The first international VNUS-Closure Practitioners’ Meeting took place on 18th and 19th April 2008 in Hamburg. Over the two days, around 100 practitioners from 18 countries – including South Africa and the USA – took part in the operative workshops on the Friday and the academic sessions on the Saturday. During the operative workshops at the Dr. Klapp Operationszentrum Eppendorf, Dr. med. Jens Alm successfully carried out vascular operations on ten patients. Everyone found the exchange of experience in the… weiterlesen →
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